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Learn how Kris experienced a painless tattoo application using Numb1 topical anaesthetic.

Getting a tattoo is often associated with a certain level of pain, but Kris decided to challenge that notion by opting for the highly praised Numb1 10g topical anaesthetic during the process of getting a shoulder/arm tattoo by veteran tattoo artist Craig from Designer Ink Tattoos. The experience turned out to be a game-changer, allowing Kris to endure three sessions, each lasting 3.5 hours, without the typical discomfort associated with tattooing – unbelievable!

The Experience.

From the outset, Kris was intrigued by the promise of a pain-free tattoo experience, and the decision to use Numb1 10g proved to be a wise one. Applying the topical anaesthetic was a simple process, and within minutes, Kris felt a numbing sensation that dulled the expected pain associated with tattoo needles.

During the three sessions, Kris could comfortably sit through the extensive tattooing process without wincing or needing breaks due to pain. The effectiveness of Numb1 10g allowed the tattoo artist to focus on their craft without interruptions, resulting in a more seamless and enjoyable experience for both Kris and the artist.

What sets the Numb1 10g cream apart is not only its ability to provide effective numbing but also its minimal impact on the application of the tattoo. Kris noticed that the cream did not interfere with the ink’s absorption or the precision of the tattoo artist’s work. The vibrant colours and intricate details of Kris’ shoulder/arm tattoo were not compromised, demonstrating that a pain-free experience does not equate to a compromised outcome.

Post-tattoo, Kris was pleased to find that the healing process was smooth and uncomplicated – an absolute dream had come true!. The tattoo retained its brilliance, and there were no signs of irritation or adverse reactions related to the use of the numbing cream. After many years of getting tattoos, Kris had finally found the antidote to rid all pain.

Kris’ experience with Numb1 10g topical anaesthetic was a resounding success. The decision to prioritise a pain-free tattooing experience did not compromise the quality of the artwork or the healing process, making it a valuable option for those seeking a more comfortable journey into the world of body art.