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How It Works

12 gauge tattoo armour’s Numb1 product is a maximum strength anaesthetic combining Lidocaine and Tetracaine. When Applied it permeates the dermal layer of the skin and greatly numbs the desired area.

Tattoo sessions are usually between one to four hours and our testing has been targeted to these longer sessions. Laser tattoo removal is known for the pain associated with it, Numb 1 makes the experience tolerable. This product is also suitable for botox injections, eyebrow & lip tattoo, waxing, acupuncture, prolotherapy and much more!

How Much Do I Need?

Applying the correct amount of anaesthetic is important to ensure your complete session is pain free.

See the examples here as a guide on how much is required for certain areas and application time requirements. If you have any questions just ask the team at Numb1 today!

10g Application – 4hr session

2 x 20g Packs over 4 sessions

How To Apply

It is important to follow this guide to achieve an optimal numbing effect on your body.

  1. Apply the area with Numb 1, as if you were applying a liberal layer of sunscreen.
  2. Re-apply (after a couple of minutes) a second layer prior to wrapping
  3. Wrap the area with cling wrap, tight enough to expel the air between the wrap and the skin.

It is important to apply this process at least 45 minutes prior to your appointment. Keep the wrap on until you are at your appointment and ready for the procedure.