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What Makes Numb1 the Top Rated Numbing Cream for Tattoos? When it comes to enduring the lengthy and often painful process of getting a tattoo, Numb1 stands out above the rest. Our innovative formulation provides unparalleled pain relief, ensuring a smooth and comfortable tattooing experience from start to finish

Numb1 has been meticulously crafted through rigorous testing and refinement to achieve the perfect balance of efficacy and safety. Unlike other numbing creams that may offer fleeting relief, Numb1 can keep the tattooed area numb for up to four hours. This extended duration allows both the tattoo artist and the client to focus on the art without the distraction of pain.

How Numb1 has worked for our customers.

The effectiveness of Numb1 has been demonstrated in real-world scenarios. During a trial involving a full male torso tattoo, the client initially endured the first two hours without any numbing relief. Once Numb1 was applied to the navel area 60 minutes before the tattooing resumed, the pain was reduced to a mere 1 on a scale of 1 to 10. The client only felt the pressure of the tattoo gun, not the usual discomfort associated with the procedure. This remarkable outcome highlights why Numb1 is considered the top rated tattoo numbing cream by both tattoo enthusiasts and professionals. You can check out our brand video to learn more.

A tattoo numbing cream above all else.

What sets Numb1 apart is not just its efficacy but also its ease of use. Proper application of the gel ensures optimal results, making it a reliable companion for anyone looking to get inked. Whether you are covering a small area or undertaking a large-scale piece, Numb1 provides consistent and long-lasting pain relief, making the tattooing process significantly more bearable.

Say goodbye to those long and painful tattoo sessions and hello to a virtually pain free experience. Formulated with skin-friendly ingredients that minimise irritation and support healing. This ensures that the skin remains healthy and receptive to the ink, enhancing the overall quality of the tattoo.

Numb1 is the top rated numbing cream for tattoos because it delivers on its promise of exceptional pain relief, ease of use, and skin compatibility. For those looking to transform their tattoo experience, Numb1 is the go-to solution, making every session as painless and enjoyable as possible.